Tade' Red Clay Mask

$ 49.00

500 g / 16.9 oz

The red clay mask Tadé is a creamy paste, natural 98.5%, which cleans and gums the skin delicately.

Rassoul is the famous red clay of the Atlas, rich in iron oxide and trace elements. With warm water, it forms a creamy, 98.5% natural paste that cleanses and gently cleanses the skin, gives it a remarkable firmness and velvety, respects its natural hydration. This is why women have always used it in the Mediterranean during a long bath, in facial, body and capillary mask. It is also the ally of the scalp and the hair that it protects and to which it gives hold, swelling, shine, attraction.
Aqua *, Kaolin *, Moroccan Lava Clay *, Illite *, Bentonite *, Laurus Nobilis Fruit Oil *, Benzyl Alcohol.
* Natural origin / Natural origin

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