The Organic Pharmacy Rose Diamond Eye Cream

$ 135.00

An intensely hydrating global eye contour treatment to instantly minimize the appearance of lines, wrinkles, bags, dark circles and puffiness around the eye area

Rose Diamond Eye Cream Profile

The eyes work hard. Almost continuous movement, round the clock use of technology, squinting at screens and battling blue light and of course the natural ageing process to manage, they need dedicated care and support. Our new Rose Diamond Eye Cream has been designed to hydrate, brighten, lift and fill the skin around the eye area, including the upper lid, blurring fine lines and wrinkles in one luxurious sweep.

Rose Diamond Eye Cream contains extract of Acmella oleracea, a plant renowned for its anti-ageing effect, smoothing expression lines. Another ingredient is Beautifeye (a combination of plant-based darutoside, and Mimosa Bark extract) to blur fine lines and wrinkles, lift the upper eyelid and fade dark circles by strengthening capillaries – it is also brimming with Hyaluronic Acid (biotech algae derived with a low and high molecular weight which is the key combination) for intense and immediate hydration.

Dermofilling action – plumps deep wrinkles, restores facial volume and reduces the appearance of fine lines
Lifts droopy eyelids by 91%*
Beautifeye reduces puffiness and dark circles
Diamond powder brightens and smooths

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