Step-by-Step to Sandal-Ready Feet


After spending the winter tucked in fuzzy boots and itchy wool socks, your tootsies could probably use some serious TLC. Follow my step-by-step instructions for revealing barefoot-worthy feet just in time for the summer solstice.


ONCE A SUMMER: To minimize the elbow grease it takes to soften corns and calluses, I always prep for sandal season by using Baby Foot’s Exfoliant Foot Peel, which kick-starts an incredibly gratifying peeling process that lasts anywhere from 3-10 days. The secret is a brew of 17 fruit acids that encourage the sloughing of dead skin cells that accumulate due to pressure, friction and ill-fitting footwear. But bear in mind, you’ll need to wear closed-toe shoes while your peds are shedding. 


ONCE A MONTH: If you can’t stand to go a week without flip-flops, soak feet for 10 minutes in Kneipp’s Calendula-Rosemary Foot Bath Crystals, which exfoliate rough patches while prepping for the application of additional products. I follow up my footbath with Diamancel’s for Foot Calluses, which features a unique geometric pattern that easily buffs away stubborn corns and calluses without grating or irritating surrounding skin. Exfoliation should always be followed by moisturization, so finish your at-home treatment with Reverence de Bastien’s Sensitive Feet Balm, which is enriched with nourishing essential oils like sage, lavender and thyme to keep soles supple as a baby’s you-know-what.


ONCE A WEEK: Make this your Sunday spa ritual: after softening skin in the shower, smooth jagged skin and cuticles with Heros’ Chiropody Sponge, which is a black lava friction block that’ll blow your old pumice stone out of the water. Then treat your tootsies to some color therapy with Essie’s Just Stitched, a cheerful pink polish that’s as sophisticated as it is versatile.


ONCE A DAY: The war against calluses is a daily battle, so use Gehwol’s Bamboo & Jojoba Soft Feet Scrub every day in the shower – it also feels fabulous on dry, itchy legs. After toweling off, spritz feet with Gehwol’s Foot + Shoe Deodorant, which is imbued with antimicrobial and antifungal actives. I never pack my gym bag without it. At the end of the day - especially after wearing shoes that lack support - treat your feet to a workout with Bastien Gonzalez’s Foot Fitness Fetiche, which relieves pain and stiffness while increasing circulation through gentle stretching and realignment. 


ONGOING MAINTENANCE: One of the easiest ways to keep soles soft on an ongoing basis is to slather them with Waxelene before donning cotton socks and working out. The combination of body heat and friction smoothes feet while the ointment’s slip prevents unsightly blisters.

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