*7 Questions* for Eric Bandholz, founder @beardbrand

*7 Questions* for Eric Bandholz, founder @beardbrand

For our next *7 Questions* with @newlondonnyc - we have Eric Bandholz, founder Beardbrand 🙌🏻Purchase Beardbrand at New London Pharmacy


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What is your favorite product from your line?
Our Sea Salt Spray is probably the most phenomenal product I’ve used for my hair. It gives a volume, texture, and a natural hold to my hair without the feeling of tons of product and gunk. I’ve never used another product like this before and think it’s pretty damn special.
2. What is your favorite product from someone else's line?

URSA MAJOR has some really cool face wipes. They are super refreshing and great to throw in your gym back or dopp back for a pick me up.

3. What is your motto?

Well, I’m a man of many mottos and it seems like Beardbrand’s motto is also mine, which is “Keep on Growing.” This motto reminds me to never settle and always continue to improve. Another motto that is really important to me is “Haters gonna hate.” It helps push me past my comfort zone and do things I don’t think I could do.

4.Cats or dogs?

Dogs a million times over. While I am an animal lover, I have a little allergy to cats so they are at a natural disadvantage.

5. One beauty trend you wish would go away.

For my personal habits, I wouldn’t do the very sharp line beards that have been painted on.

6. What city has the most beautiful people?
There are many different types of beauty and I’d say that from a physical beauty in terms of investing in their beauty habits, LA is the top. It’s just ingrained in their culture. I could list many places, but I have a fond part in my heart for the people of Bangalore and Tokyo.
7. What advice would you give to your 18 year old self?
18 year old me had absolutely no style, and let other’s dictate my pathway. I’d try to get into that stubborn head of mine that I’m responsible for my actions and the world is what I make out of it. That you don’t have to follow the path that has been laid out for you by others.

Thank you so much @ericbandholz - as always, you can find his amazing line @beardbrand here @newlondonnyc - come by to check it out 🙌🏻

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