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*7 Questions* for Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz, founders of Malin + Goetz

Posted on March 27 2017

For our next *7 Questions* with @newlondonnyc - we have Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz, founders of Malin + Goetz

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1. What is your favorite product from your line?
MM: Grapefruit Face Cleanser. It is a gently foaming gel, amino acid based cleanser. It is thorough for the oiliest of skin without ever drying or stripping a dryer skin. It even removes make-up. It is the perfect product of any skin type, and, especially for extreme environmental conditions in our home town of New York City.
AG: This is an incredibly difficult question to answer, as I truly love each and everyone of our products. That being said, my latest obsession is our Recovery Treatment Oil. Having officially settled in to middle age, the anti-oxidants and nourishment from this product keeps my skin looking really healthy and hydrated.

2. What is your favorite product from someone else's line?
MM: We are fans of Marvis Toothpaste and sell it in our apothecaries.
AG: I love the L’Hombre EDP by Diptyque - it’s completely different from anything we do.

3. What is your motto?
MM: Be honest.
AG: Liberty, Egualité et Fraternité

4.Cats or dogs?
MM: Dogs. Have you met our Pug, Mr. Greenberg?
AG: Dogs.

5. One beauty trend you wish would go away.
MM: Botox—it seems unhealthy and unnatural
AG: Skin whitening - it’s terrible in so many ways.

6. What city has the most beautiful people?
MM: Stockholm—when I visit there, I am the ugliest person on the street.
AG: New York. There is no more diverse city on the planet - so you find incredibly beautiful people here from every part of the world.

7. What advice would you give to 18 year old you?
MM: People are attracted to confidence.
AG: Be confident!!

Thank you Matthew & Andrew from @malinandgoetz 🙌🏻 and of course, you can find their amazing products @newlondonnyc

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