*7 Questions with New London Pharmacy * ALLI REED Owner/Founder of Stratia Skincare

*7 Questions with New London Pharmacy * ALLI REED Owner/Founder of Stratia Skincare

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1. What is your favorite product from your line?

It's actually Stratia's least popular product, but I could not live without Fortify. I have very dry skin, which means my skin under-produces oil, so facial oils are a must-have. My skin finds Fortify so nourishing and moisturizing; if I had to, I could just splash my face with water, pat in a few drops of Fortify, and go.

2. What is your favorite product from someone else's line?

I pray every day at the altar of broad-spectrum sun protection, and I've tried many, many sunscreens in my quest for The One: something non-greasy, unscented, SPF 50+, non-drying, and sweat-proof. Shiseido Senka Mineral Water UV Essence is absolutely perfect. I've bought at least ten tubes and will continue to buy it until the sun goes out (or Shiseido stops making it, whichever comes first).

3. What is your motto?

"The struggle is important." Life is hard, there are setbacks and challenges and frustrations everywhere, but those struggles are more than just thorns in your side: they're opportunities to learn and grow. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

4.Cats or dogs?

Dogs. I have a seven-year-old rescue mutt named Lacy who is the light of my life. I work hard to give her a better life.

5. One beauty trend you wish would go away.

"DIY skincare hacks" that involve lemon juice, baking soda, toothpaste, cayenne pepper, or any number of other household ingredients that should be nowhere near your skin.

6. What city has the most beautiful people?

I live in Los Angeles, and the number of beautiful people per capita is insane. Every time I go to a yoga class, it's me and 25 literal models.

7. What advice would you give to 18 year old you?

Let life take you where it takes you; the most interesting and important things happen when you stop trying to control every outcome. Also, stop washing your face with body wash, you monster.

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