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*7 Questions* with @newlondonnyc Clémence von Mueffling, Founder of Beauty and Well Being

Posted on April 24 2017

For our next *7 Questions* with @newlondonnyc - we have Clémence von Mueffling Founder of Beauty and Well Being

1. What is your favorite beauty product of all time?
It is hard to make a choice for a Beauty Editor like me! I would say that these days, especially with the change of weather my favorite product is Joëlle Ciocco BLOSSOM CERATE. A protective shield. It brings Intense nourishment and turns your skin silky soft and glowing. To be used for special occasions or when your skin really needs it!

2. What is your favorite non-beauty product of all time?
My hair brush from Mason Pearson.

3. What is your motto?
Never forget to smile! It does not cost anything and can bring you a lot!

4.Cats or dogs?
I love both but for now I have 2 cats at home! Just easier in a big urban city.

5. One beauty trend you wish would go away.
Surgery and fillers on young girls.
6. What city has the most beautiful people?
Not a city but an island… Saint Barth!

7. What advice would you give to 18 year old you?
Do not worry about small little things but try to always look at the big picture.

Thank you @beautyandwb check out her amazing website


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