Best Curling Iron for Beach Waves & How to Achieve the Perfect Curls

Best Curling Iron for Beach Waves & How to Achieve the Perfect Curls


If you are like me you have a back up drawer of every type of hair accessory possible. Headbands for halo fly aways, barrettes for crazy cowlick days, and every size clip so you can twist, roll, or braid your unruly mane into submission. I bet you even have a few hats and caps when the humidity just cannot be overcome.

In the winter, I can usually safely wear my hair down. It’s shiny, bouncy and perfectly coiffed most of the time and that drawer full of accessories is only touched on my most lazy of days. In the spring and summer, when beach days and humidity levels in New York hit challenging levels  - and I cannot get away with the twist one more time, I rely on these products to keep my hair in line:


To achieve curls:

Going the traditional route...
Known and trusted by many professional stylists, the BaBylissPRO line features many amazing tools. The 1 1/4" ConiCurl Nano Titanium  Iron allows you  to achieve twisted, not kinky curls. It is designed with a conical shape that’s wide near the handle for loose curls and narrow at the bottom for a tighter shape. You can work with larger or smaller sections of hair to further customize your look. The Sol-Gel Nano Titanium technology makes this iron strong and smooth.


Give the "Automatic Curler" aka the InstaWave a whirl ...

With the InstaWave, getting the perfect curl is no longer a problem. This tool is the perfect way to get salon quality curls without the hassle that other hair appliances have. The tangle-free spinner delivers healthier, shinier results. The curl dial allows you to curl in both directions giving you the option to rotate left and right for both inner & outer-facing curls. You can choose the heat temperature according to your hair type.
Here is a quick look at how the InstaWave works
4-Step Quick Guide For Mid-To-Long Hair

Hold InstaWave vertically at a slight angle. Section 1 to 2 inches of hair. Place the barrel behind sectioned hair.

Step 2
Press button to begin rotating. THE SPINNER will automatically begin catching and curling hair.

Step 3
Continue to press directional switch until hair is fully wrapped around the barrel. Hold InstaWave in place until you hear a beep. This beep sound will indicate your curl is ready.

Step 4
After the beep sound, guide InstaWave straight down to release beautifully curled hair!
And for those of you who refuse to make a choice, then pull out these:

Flat iron
Luxury, versatility and technology combine in this leading-edge tool. The SinglePass LUXE in white straightens hair but it can also be relied on to add volume, flips, waves, and even curls. Digital T3 SinglePass® technology delivers consistent heat without overexposure, and styles hair in one effortless pass. Custom blend ceramic plates create lustrous and long-lasting results, while the StyleEdge design features flexible beveled plates that glide smoothly. This is styling deluxe.

Suitable for all hair types, short to long
Versatile styling (straightening, curling, and shaping) with no tugging
Internal microchip maintains even temperature
Seals the cuticle for a smooth, shiny finish
StyleEdge design features flexible beveled plates and a contoured body to glide smoothly
Five adjustable heat settings (260°F – 410°F) provide optimum heat level for any hair type
Auto world voltage for worldwide usage *
One hour auto off
9ft., 360° Swivel Cord prevents cord from getting tangled or twisted
Includes two sectioning clips

Wishing you all good luck and perfect hair days ahead!


First I start with a nourishing and moisturizing shampoo. Since I have extremely curly hair (and tons of it) I love the :

And I also love 
I make sure that I use a wide - toothed comb ((INSERT COMB HERE))  while my hair is wet to gently comb through the conditioner and get out any knots I have. 

If you have straight hair you may want to give this a try:

And if you have very thin hair, you may want to consider using this:


After the conditioner, I use a microfiber turbie twist (( to safely and gently get most of the water out of my hair. If you put a heavy towel in your hair and rub I find you can cause knots and more split ends. 

After Turbie drying my hair I follow up with a Serum like these:



SERUM 2 : 


Then I use a protecting spray to make sure what I am about to do to my hair doesn't cause permanent and irreparable damage. I need static control, shine, smoothness and polish prior to heat styling. 

These are some of my favorites:

A weightless spray featuring patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA), adds shine and polish while protecting against static and heat & UV damage. It's so lightweight that it can be layered and combined with other styling products. It also features heat protection up to 450°F/ 230°C, 24-hour UV ray protection, static control shine, smoothness and polish. The best part is that Restore Instant Protection Spray is ideal for all hair types. It is silicone-free. And, it is safe and formulated for color and chemically treated hair.

LISSEA for my hair when it is unruly, and frizzy. Infused with smoothing natural Alkekenge exract and hydrating Avocado oil, LISSEA helps shield strands from heat damage and humidity while enhancing manageability, softness and shine to tame unruly tresses and minimize frizz. I know we can all agree less frizz is always better.

When my hair is looking a bit fried, weak and damaged due to frequent heat styling, this heat-activated thermal protecting spray which works to reconstruct hair's internal structure to prevent damage and safeguard hair from frequent use of hot tools.
If I'm looking for the quick and easy spray to protection my blow out from frizz and humidity this helps to smooth as I blow my hair. It locks-in straight, sleek styles for up to 3 days. I love that it protects against heat damage caused by hairdryers, straighteners and curling irons. This advanced formula has up to 230°C heat defense.


Then I section my hair out into manageable sections with clips:

Kitsch Pro Crocodile clips are a pro kit essential for styling and sectioning hair. Their wide toothed grip secures larger sections during cutting, coloring or styling. They are perfect for all hair types. They feature a non-slip silicone coating and textured, non-slip finger rests. These are ideal for working with wet, heavy hair. I know a section I put up will not fall down while I am working on drying another. When I finish a section I can safely put it up knowing their hinged design adjusts to bulk and won't leave a dent in that freshly blown section.


The brush you use is critical to achieving desired results. I like to make sure I can firmly grip my brush so I can pull while I apply the heat. I also want to make sure I'm not damaging my hair and causing split ends. If you have shoulder length or longer hair (like me) I recommend the KENT Ladies NS03 Curling and Volumizing Brush. Filled with bristle, Kent's PF03 distributes natural oils and prevents split ends without damaging the hair. It is made from beechwood, with rubber grips embedded in the handle for extra comfort.

If you have longer fringes, mid-length hair and are styling layers, Kent's LBR2 65mm Diameter spiral radial beechwood, pure black bristle spiralled radial brush, is a great choice.  Filled with finest pure black natural bristle,  LBR2 promotes natural shine whilst distributing natural oils and prevents split ends without damaging the hair.

For those of you with shoulder length or shorter hair, Kent's medium sized 65mm diameter half radial brush, LC7 is perfect for curling and adding volume.

Filled with finest pure white natural bristle, which is perfect for stimulating the hairs natural oils and distributes these oils through the hair, keeping it clean, shiny & naturally conditioned. The LC7 is made from Cherrywood.

If you are able to get your hair into your desired look with just the above steps that's great. However, I'm never satisfied going the easy route. To take the look one step further I call in the heat tools - either a curling tool or a straightening tool.

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