Scent-sational Summer: Embracing the Aromas of the Season

Scent-sational Summer: Embracing the Aromas of the Season

What Does Summer Smell Like? Summer smells like beach baths, picnics in the park, and fresh fruit. It's the scent of endless sunsets and unforgettable trips that you want to relive again and again.

In essence, the scents of summer evoke those moments of relaxation and fun that we cherish during this season. Citrus notes take the spotlight with their light and refreshing qualities, like lemon, orange, and bergamot. You can also catch whiffs of tropical fruits such as coconut, mango, or pineapple. And, of course, the refreshing scents of the sea and the ocean are ever-present.

In today's blog, we bring you the perfect guide to infuse each summer occasion with delightful aromas. Let's embark on this aromatic journey together!

1. Scent Your Summer Soirées with Antica Farmacista

This summer Antica Farmacista brings you a collection of fragrances inspired by your favorite summer sips to brighten your festivities and infuse every summer soirée with crisp and juicy delight. 

These diffusers will subtly distribute the fragrance throughout the air, providing a lasting, constant and beautiful scent. Dial up the citrus and the bubbles by layering the sparkling Prosecco Diffuser and the zesty Grapefruit one. 

Or, lean into florals by pairing the tartness of Lavender & Lime Blossom with the mouthwatering floralcy of Orange Blossom, Lilac & Jasmine.

Antica Farmacista

2. Summer Breezes at home with GlassHouse scented candles

Create an oasis of tranquility in your home with the scented GlassHouse candles, with a wide range of summer scents, these candles will not only fill your space with delightful fragrances but also transport you to the most dreamy summer locations.

Let’s start with One Night In Rio, this passionfruit & Lime-Triple Scented Soy Candle, creates instant ambience. The passionfruit and lime are effervescent, like vibrant dancers and the melon scent keeps things sweet. Feel the beat of a thousand feet dancing to the rhythm and laughter of the streets of Rio at carnival with this candle.

The Lost in Almafi Sea Mist-Triple Scented Soy Candle is the perfect outdoorsy, uplifting scent for the most active and beach loving ones. With impressions of crystal clear water and zesty Limoncello come from freesia, lime and moss. 


3. Find the perfect fragrance for a Summer date

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your summer date this season there’s no better way to do it than by choosing the perfect fragrance. Go for a lightweight formula that enhances your natural beauty and choose scents with floral or romantic notes to add an extra touch of sophistication to your special day.

Creed Aventus For Her Eau de Parfum is the perfect floral and fruity fragrance, opening with head notes of crisp green apple, fragrant pink pepper and zesty bergamot, the citrus and fruity character of this fragrance blossoms into a floral heart of rose, lilac and ylang-ylang. 

Following with the floral scents Delina La Rosse Eau de Parfum is the younger and more vibrant eau de parfum of the olfactory signature Delina. With a touch of freshness that delicately brightens the skin, the scent is a blend of transparent water flowers and peony.

Lastly Mirabeau Eau de Parfum from ETAT LIBRE D'ORANGE, in this perfume it is gathered the poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire, the beauty of a bridge and the romanticism of Paris. A trail of sandalwood, pink pepper and cedarwood. A perfect fresh fragrance to add that romantic touch.

And for him, Love In Black EDP. It tells the story of a mysterious woman, her eyes hidden behind black sunglasses, her dark hair under a velvet riding cap, and the elegance of her signature chic “little black dress.” Love In Black blends ingredients from places loved by worldly, well-traveled women—including violet, Virginia cedar, Florentine iris, and blackcurrant. A daring, floral fragrance full of spicy warmth and mystery.

Another fresh fragrance just perfect for the summer is The Vetiver Eau de Parfum from Ligne St. Barth, defined by the fresh green plant-rich scent of a sunny Caribbean morning after a stormy dark evening. Island citrus, herbs, and spicy Jamaican Pepper add a refined finish to this tropical and elegant fragrance.

Lastly, and also from Ligne St. Barth, L’Original Eau de Parfum, a fragrance that captures the invigorating salty sea spray, complimented by the freshness of citrus and aromatics like lavender and rosemary, capturing perfectly the essence of the Caribbean.

4. Scented body lotion after a Beach Getaway

Enhance your beach experience with a refreshing body lotion that captures the essence of the ocean breeze and sun-kissed skin. When choosing the ideal body lotion for the season you should look for a lightweight formula that can be easily absorbed, choose scents with notes of coconut, sea salt, and tropical fruits for a delightful beachy aroma that will transport you to sandy shores and palm-fringed paradise.

Citrus Body Lotion from Welleda is a fresh, light and rapidly absorbed texture that instantly revives your skin and senses with a truly refreshing experience. The bright, fresh scent of citrus mingles with the soothing power of cooling aloe vera and nurturing coconut oil to easily reveal supple skin. Fast-absorbing with a non-sticky finish, your skin will stay moisturized and fresh all day long.

Continue your indulgent ritual with Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Body Lotion from Molton Brown, with the aromatic notes of Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Body Lotion. Housed in a convenient pump bottle, this lotion hydrates skin and lightly scents as it goes.

The Ligne St. Barth Vanilla Body Lotion, with  blends of purified Caribbean sea water, avocado oil and glycerin (produced using a cold manufacturing process, which maintains all the beneficial properties of the ingredients) will leave your skin soft and velvety. 

So, remember, when it comes to embracing the spirit of the season and smelling fantastic, in New London Pharmacy we got you covered! Whether you're a coconut enthusiast, a citrus crusader, or a beachy breeze aficionado, we have the perfect fragrance for you, cheers to a summer filled with delightful fragrances and unforgettable moments!

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