The Ultimate Grooming Guide for Father's Day

The Ultimate Grooming Guide for Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner, and while Dad may insist he doesn't need a thing, we know deep down he'll be thrilled when he unwraps a gift that's perfectly tailored to his tastes. Sure, the classic gifts are always safe (you know, the  familiar  #N1Dad mug, the always useful pair of socks or the classic tie), but this year, why don’t you step up your game and give him something that truly captures his unique personality?

In this blog, we are going to explore the world of male grooming, from skincare secrets to fragrance recommendations, as we help you curate the perfect grooming routine for dad. It’s time to make Father’s Day an unforgettable celebration and show your dad a little extra love!

The allure of perfumes

A well-chosen fragrance has the power to leave a lasting impression. Whether your dad prefers a classic cologne, an intense eau de parfum, or a subtle eau de toilette, there's a fragrance out there that captures his essence. 

The well-known brand Ligne St.barth has launched a new special collection for Father's Day, a trio of eau de parfum for men, full of the spice, spirit, and flavors of the Caribbean islands.

The Vetiver Eau de Parfum is defined by the fresh green plant-rich scent of a sunny Caribbean morning after a stormy dark evening. Island citrus, herbs, and spicy Jamaican Pepper add a refined finish to this tropical and elegant fragrance.

L’Original Eau de Parfum, captures the invigorating salty sea spray, complimented by the freshness of citrus and aromatics like lavender and rosemary, capturing perfectly the essence of the Caribbean. 

The third fragrance is Islander Eau de Parfum, with top notes of lime, Vetiver, and West Indian bay leaf, and woody base notes the scent of rum prevails with a warm familiarity to anyone who has visited the islands. 

With unique vigor, each of these three Eau de Parfums from Ligne St Barth is truly transportive and evocative of the day and nights spent on the Caribbean Islands, the perfect gitf for this special day!

Beard Care Products

Is your dad the type who takes immense pride in his beard? Well, we've got just the right products to help him maintain that magnificent facial mane. Because we know beard care is no longer just a trend; it's a grooming essential!

Here we bring you a perfect bundle consisting of 4 products from Beardbrand, a recognized brand specialized on beard care products. 

Let’s start with the Beard Oil, its most popular product (and for a good reason!). This high-quality beard oil is great for hydrating and softening facial hair. Reformulated with no known DHT-inhibiting ingredients, it absorbs faster, lasts longer, and is even less greasy than the original.

 Beard Oil

Beard hair is different from head hair, and it needs a Beard Wash that’s built for the task. Hair shampoo removes too much oil from your face and leaves your beard feeling like a bale of hay. Beardbrand Beard Wash is a gentle cleanser that retains the beard’s natural oils while still removing dirt.

And whenever you wash your beard, you want to follow-up with a moisturizing product like Beardbrand Beard Softener. Keeping your beard soft is essential for being able to manage and style it without trouble.

Lastly, we wanted to include in this bundle the Beardbrand Utility Balm, designed for the beardsman who needs a do-it-all product. It features all the benefits of our Utility Beard Oil, but in a balm form that gives more control to pesky flyaways.

Utility balm

Skincare Essentials for Dad

Every dad deserves a little self-care pampering and we understand that taking care of himself is the perfect way to feel his best and show his confidence. And we’ve got the perfect brand for it; Anthony!  Anthony was born from men’s search for products crafted to their specific skin and grooming needs. The result is a collection of innovative, straightforward and benefits-driven skincare formulas.

Here you have some products that would definitely upgrade your dad’s skincare routine!

The Skincare High Performance Vitamin C Facial Serum is the perfect lightweight Vitamin C treatment. It helps minimize discoloration, retexturize, and brighten skintone by protecting the skin against premature aging.

The Skincare Facial Scrub is a gentle yet effective scrub that exfoliates skin. Formulated with  Bora Bora White Sand it removes dead skin cells and helps get rid of ingrown hairs for a clean, even finish.

Lastly, the Anthony After Balm, with a Benzocaine that instantly soothes and cools skin on contact after shaving. The lightweight formula absorbs immediately and reduces minor razor burn and redness while restoring skin's moisture.

Anthony Collection

So, whether it is through a fragrance, beard care essentials, or a revitalizing skincare routine, this Father's Day, let's go beyond the usual gifts and show your love for your dad by treating him to a special gift! 

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