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The Ultimate NYC Weekend Beauty Tour by INTO THE GLOSS

Posted on October 21 2016



10:00 AM: Good morning! How'd you sleep? Grab a coffee at the Highline Hotel's Intellegentsia truck and have a scone in the courtyard. We'll meet you at New London Pharmacy around the corner in an hour.

11:00 AM: Did you find it OK? Welcome to New London, the second beauty store on this list, but arguably the most exhaustive. You would be hard pressed to name a brand that isn't represented on New London's shelves, but what's really amazing is the depth of each collection. Like, all of the Bioderma, not just the Crealine. New London is also notable for its body assortment, which spans from Nivea Body Creme and Mustela Massage Oil to Santa Maria Novella Bubble Bath and Creed Perfumed Soap. Just the essentials, really.


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