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It's August. It's 140 degrees in NYC with 110% humidity. The "breeze" feels like Satan blowing seductively in your ear and the "cooling rain" feels like a nice warm toxic shower. The subway smells like the rats just had a sex party. Who you gonna turn to? No, Ghostbusters is not going to make it better this time.
I wear fragrance every day no matter what. Sometimes two or three different fragrances as my mood changes during the day. I'm pretty good at knowing what smells good on most people. I've had guys walk out of the store who HATE rose leaving with Montale Roses Musk. Crazy right?
The magic of perfume is its illusiveness. Smell is memory Smell is powerful. What fragrance did the first boy/girl who broke your heart wear? Are you smelling it in your mind right now? Mine is Jacomo de Jacomo. Yes I know.
When I am matching a fragrance to a person, it can feel like a therapy session, which is incredible. We're not talking about some department store spritz here. Fragrance can elevate, amuse, provoke, seduce. How awesome is that?
So let's get this party started:
First some ground rules:
1. Keep a light touch on your spray finger. This is a rule always, but especially true during heat waves. If we can smell you coming, we have a problem. And by 'we" I mean "you."
2. Keep it simple. Bergamot, Fig, Orange, you get my drift. When you graduate to Perfume 202 we can talk about Summer Ouds.
3. Be true to yourself. In direct contradiction to Rule #2, if you want to wear Angel for Men in rush hour on a non air-conditioned subway car stalled on the track, you do you. Fortune favors the bold. Just not near me please.
4. There are no rules. See Rule #3.
So, in no particular order, here's what you should be wearing this month:
1."They" say that Napoleon drank 4711 Eau de Cologne as a tonic. Although I would advise against this practice, I do promise you that 4711 is highly refreshing even if you don't drink it. Actually since the price is not much more than water maybe you can drink it?....Nah, just splash it on. Liberally!
2. This is what I imagine George Clooney literally bathes in everyday. This is what Idris Elba sweats. 
Acqua Di Parma Colonia Eau De Cologne
3. I swear to god that if you wear this someone will stop you on the street, in the deli, on the subway, and say "you smell gooood." Guaranteed.
Creed Aventus Spray
4. Whether you want to smell like a freshly showered man or whether you just want a freshly showered man we got you.
Newlondonpharmacy Tom of Finland Mens Cologne
5. When you were 12 and your parents let you walk to the boardwalk all alone for the very first time ever and you felt what being a grownup must be like and the sun is going down so you step off the boardwalk and head to the ocean and there's that breeze that has no smell and all the smells in the world at the same time....
Cb I Hate Perfume 101 At The Beach 1966
6. "Summertime, and the Livin' is Easy"
Lorenzo Viloresi Firenze Acqua Di Colonia
So, guys, the bottom line in the fragrance world is the same as it is in the fashion world. Or in life. Know the rules. And then break them accordingly. 
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