Grether's Pastilles for Throat and Voice - Sugarfree - Blueberry

$ 13.00

Grether’s Pastilles Blueberry sugar-free – the intensive fruity indulgence with pure natural blueberry juice. The full-bodied flavour develops soothingly on the palate and guarantees an extra special taste sensation. Discover the soothing effect of Grether’s Pastilles Blueberry as soon as the first signs of discomfort appear. The concentrated blueberry taste is reminiscent of enchanted orchards and lowland forests and will make your mood blossom.

Blueberries play an important role in medicine due to their high concentration of various active ingredients. Extracts are still used in the manufacture of medicines today. Blueberries are attributed antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as a soothing effect for mouth and throat inflammation thanks to their tannins.

The wild blueberry has been known as a medicinal plant since the Middle Ages. It is found throughout the entire northern hemisphere and its preferred location is primarily shady forests, heaths and moors. The branched dwarf shrub, which grows from 10 to 60cm high, yields its ripe dark blue soft berries from July to September. These fruits leave traces on the skin, tongue and teeth when picking and eating them. The much larger cultivated blueberry, which is descended from the American blueberry and has a light-coloured pulp, is usually grown commercially or on plantations. Blueberries can be eaten fresh or used in cakes, desserts, compotes and jams. They are also popular steeped in red wine, to make blueberry wine.

The pure natural blueberry juice that gives Grether’s Pastilles Blueberry their fruity flavour and intense taste is obtained from carefully hand-picked blueberries.

Ingredients and nutritional values

Grether’s Pastilles Blueberry sugar-free

Maltitol syrup, food-grade gelatine, acidifier (citric acid), thickener (agar-agar), glycerine (1.5%), blueberry juice (3.3%), vegetable oil (coconut oil and rapeseed oil), coating agent (beeswax), flavouring, colouring grape extract, sweetener (acesulfame-K).

With sweeteners. May have a laxative effect if consumed in excess.


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