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The Beauty Products Pharmacy Owners Actually Use Themselves
Yahoo Beauty  By Amber Katz

New London Pharmacy’s Abby Fazio

Abby Fazio at New London Pharmacy


What beauty products can you not keep in stock?

Bioderma, Montale Rose Musk, A313 [Vitamin Pommade], Laluset [hyaluronic acid cream], Santa Maria Novella Rose Water.

Which ones do you use yourself?

Organic Pharmacy Rose Hip Oil for hyperpigmentation — the only safe alternative to hydroquinone. I always use this after my summer in Greece or any sun vacation. I like Joanna Vargas Vitamin C Cleanser — gentle, powerful, and natural. Julisis Eyemulsion has an immediate effect and it keeps working! Montale Roses Musk is the best rose ever. Kevyn Aucoin lipstick — any of his reds will do! RMS Beauty Living Luminizer is the perfect ultrasheer highlighter.Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Prickly Pear Oil is a game changer. Rigaud Cypres Candle is the ultimate in old-school luxury.

How have the beauty offerings at your pharmacy changed over the years?

Our offerings have definitely become more niche, specialized, and international, especially in fragrance and skin care. Skin care in particular has become much more natural and high-end, a trend predicted 10 years ago when there was almost nothing on the market. Now we have amazing niche luxury organic skin care like Julisis, Radice, and the Organic Pharmacy, all introduced to the U.S. by New London.

What’s most challenging about running a high-traffic pharmacy in NYC?

Keeping up! We get new brands and products thrown our way every day, and it takes a very savvy team to distinguish the great from the not-so-great. I think I have a great instinct for finding what people need even before they know they need it, but you have to have a stellar team, or otherwise it’s overwhelming!

What’s most rewarding about it?

Connecting the right product to the right customer is the essence of what we do at New London, whether it’s a perfume or supplement or lipstick or a candle or a homeopathic remedy. It’s also really amazing to come to work every day and work alongside my husband, John, and my daughter, Eleni. It really is a family business!



The Ultimate NYC Weekend Beauty Tour



10:00 AM: Good morning! How'd you sleep? Grab a coffee at the Highline Hotel's Intellegentsia truck and have a scone in the courtyard. We'll meet you at New London Pharmacy around the corner in an hour.

11:00 AM: Did you find it OK? Welcome to New London, the second beauty store on this list, but arguably the most exhaustive. You would be hard pressed to name a brand that isn't represented on New London's shelves, but what's really amazing is the depth of each collection. Like, all of the Bioderma, not just the Crealine. New London is also notable for its body assortment, which spans fromNivea Body Creme and Mustela Massage Oil to Santa Maria Novella Bubble Bath and Creed Perfumed Soap. Just the essentials, really.


New London Pharmacy

246 Eighth Ave.

Don't be deceived by the understated storefront. This Chelsea pharmacy is the ultimate intersection of luxury (Guerlain), well-known (Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare), and natural (John Masters Organics). You can also pick up herbal and homeopathic remedies, vitamins, and, of course, your prescription.