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Geisha Face Blotting Paper

Geisha Face Blotting Paper

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100 sheets

Blotting paper for oily skin benefits
Whether you have oil-prone skin or wear makeup throughout the day, you will need help getting excess oil off your face. That is why Amaterasu Beauty is pleased to offer our glorious Geisha Blotting Paper, ideal for all skin types.

• Made from the highest grade of the abaca leaf
• Lifts oil from the face without disturbing makeup
• Sheer, thin, and perfectly portable
• Won’t cause discomfort or irritation like thicker, lower quality blotting paper
• 5-6 times more absorbent than other blotting paper products
• Gentle and safe on skin
• With our Geisha Blotting Paper, say goodbye to that unsightly shine and hello to an oil-free, fresh complexion.

How to use

Take out a sheet from the packet.

Firmly press the paper on the oily areas of your face, especially the "T-zone" (the forehead, nose, chin, and the area around the mouth).

Leave the blotting paper on your skin for a moment, allowing the sheet to fully absorb the excess oil.
To prevent removing makeup, avoid rubbing the paper across your skin. Use as often as needed to remove excess oil.


Traditional Japanese Aburatorigami Blotting Paper made from Abaca Leaf.

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