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Nose & Ear Trimmer

Nose & Ear Trimmer

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Take grooming to the next level with our Nose and Ear Trimmer especially designed to pose zero threat to the inside of your sensitive nasal cavities.
This portable nose and ear trimmer is battery-powered so it’s great for travel and its exterior is finished with rubberized coating allows for extra comfort.

Zero-threat to the inside of your nasal cavities.
Portable and perfect for travel.
Rubberized coating for extra comfort.

How to use

Clean your nose thoroughly with a warm, wet washcloth before you use the trimmer.
It might also be a good idea to blow your nose, too, to reduce the sneezing reflex as you cut your nose hairs.
Insert the Nose hair trimmer at the entry of your nostrils and turn it on. Start with the lower hairs first, and trim to the point where your nose air is no longer easily visible when you look straight ahead.

Clean your hair trimmer after each use.
Turn off the tool and empty the hair from the small collection area on the top of the trimmer using the brush included. Tap the container on the edge of a waste can. Then, give the piece a rinse under hot running water. Let it to airdry.

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