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Beard Trimming Scissors

Beard Trimming Scissors

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Beard Trimming Scissors that actually cut it

Designed by Beardbrand founder, Eric Bandholz, Beardbrand Beard Trimming Scissors feature a matte finish with gold accents. They’re not only functionally awesome but also visually beautiful. These bad boys feature a Japanese-made steel blade with a hardness rating of 55–56, and at 5.25" in length, they're travel-friendly.

5.25" Long
Hollow grind, hone line, semi-convex blade
Japanese-made 4034 stainless steel blade
Blade Hardness: HRC 55 – 56
Made in Taiwan

How to use

Start by combing your beard. Use Scissors to trim pesky long hairs and split ends. Don’t trim horizontally to the ground. Instead, follow the shape of your face to create a natural and polished look.

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