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Acqua Di Parma

Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea Diffuser

Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea Diffuser

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Capacity: 180ml / 6 FL OZ
Duration: 10-12 weeks

Diffuse a scent inspired by the island of Panarea into your home to evoke its timeless landscape, where days are spent in peaceful harmony.

Diffusing a scent inspired by the tranquil beauty of Panarea island, ease away the day as your space turns into a sanctuary for your soul. A home scent evoking a sense of well-being, the simple joys of life and the luxury of time. The aromatic warmth of myrtle is combined with basil and sparkling notes of lemon and bergamot. Accents of ocean breeze meet the intensity of juniper, the flowery notes of jasmine and rose and the warmth of amber. All diffusers come packaged with natural rattan reeds.

How to use

To ensure the best experience from your room diffuser, Acqua di Parma recommends:
• Unscrew the cap and remove the inner plate. Replace the cap and insert the reeds in the bottle.
• At first use, it is necessary to soak the reeds for twenty-four hours before turning them over.
• The frequency of which some or all of the reeds are flipped over determines the intensity of the fragrance: the more often they are turned around, the greater the intensity. If the diffusion is too intense, adjust by removing a few reeds until the desired level is achieved.
• In order to prolong the duration of the fragrance, it is advisable to avoid high temperatures, direct sunlight and rigorous air circulation that can speed up evaporation.
• Place the home fragrance diffuser on a flat surface where it will not be exposed to humidity.
• Keep out of reach of children and pets.
• Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources.
• The fragrance concentrate contains natural raw materials, therefore its colour may slightly change over time without compromising its olfactory performance.
• After handling the rattan reeds, it is advisable to rinse your hands with clean water and soap.
• Highly flammable liquid and vapour.


Olfactive family: Aromatic citrus

Tasting Notes: Myrtle, basil, italian lemon, italian bergamot, ocean breeze, jasmine absolute, damascus rose absolute, lentisco absolute, juniper, virginia cedarwood, amber

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