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This homeopathic remedy is a pomade intended for skin irritations and contains extracts of plants and an antiseptic. Homeoplasmine is intended to alleviate the irritation of the nasal mucosa associated with colds and rhinitis – scratches, grazes, bruises and cracks of the skin.

✅ Relieves red irritations located at the tip of the nose during colds and rhinitis.
✅ Go-to for dry and chapped lips. You could see the effects in 2-3 days.

🇫🇷 French Pharmacy

How to use

Apply a thin layer up to 2 times a day (you don’t need to use a lot, a tiny amount goes a long way).

Extra tip! Mix it with your lipstick, it will dry to a matte finish!

Homeoplasmine is for temporary use, and not for use on children under 30 months of age.

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