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Corn Silk Tea

Corn Silk Tea

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18 servings per container

Corn Silk Tea is a truly unique brew, crafted from corn on the cob's silk strands. With a smooth and savory flavor, this tea makes a special addition to any tea collection.

Corn is one of the most significant of the North American grains, and historically a food staple of numerous Native American tribes. The tribes not only harvested corn to eat the kernels, but they also saved the corn silk, or stigmas to brew as a medicinal, herbal tea. They would first have to complete the process of drying out the silk in order to grind it to a fine powder to be brewed as tea or added to soups and stews which is quite like the process of how Corn Silk tea is made today. We think “Why fix it, if it’s not broken?”

Health Benefits:
- Phytosterol-rich
- Anti-inflammatory
- Cardiovascular suppport


Organic Corn Silk

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