Chemist Confessions Balm Voyage

$ 29.00

An occlusives multi purpose blend balm that seals moisture in and keeps irritants out. 

-Key Occlusives Blend
48.5% Petrolatum: this gold-standard occlusive that seals in moisture no matter the outside elements.
10% Squalane: nourishing, photo-stable, olive-derived
-Benefits of Balm Voyage!
2.5% Boswellia Serrata extract: Indian frankincense is an ancient extract still relevant today for its skin calming properties
1% Ceramide NP: A natural, waxy component of skin that provides longterm moisturizing benefits.
-Preservative System
None needed! It’s water free!
a balanced blend of skin-friendly occlusives and ceramides that is suitable for wherever, whenever your skin needs lasting relief!
Dab just a bit on flaky, ashy spots — a little goes a long way!
Using an eye serum? Top it off with Balm Voyage to seal it in!
Skin peeling like crazy from retinoids or AHAs? Use Balm Voyage directly on the flakes to keep skin in check.
Hitting the slopes? Use this one your nose and lips to prevent wind burns

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