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Milk Water

Milk Water

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The simple gesture One product, 3 uses:

1. Cleanser:
A few drops of Water of Milk on a cotton to gently erase any remainder of make-up and find a clean, crisp and velvety skin! Removing make-up becomes pleasure and well-being.

2. Cleaner:
Morning and evening, it is the soft and fresh secret of the purity ritual. The Eau de Lait cleans, refreshes and finely perfumes while respecting the skin and leaving the complexion smooth and radiant. The instant Collosol, the irreplaceable beauty gesture everyday.

3. Eau de lait for the bath:
Give yourself a bath of beauty to the "Cleopatra" by diluting it in the water of the bath; The secret to finding a healthy skin and relaxing by its exquisite odor; A trick for a dream bath and a queen's skin.

How to use

Pour the Water of Milk on a cotton and gently erase any trace of makeup or impurity on your face and your eyes. Your skin is purified, fresh and fragrant subtly.

Pour two to three milk corks into it. Dive into this sweet bath and relax. At the end of bath your skin remains pleasant and comfortable.

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