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Cyteal Solution Mossante

Cyteal Solution Mossante

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This is a weak antiseptic foaming solution containing heximidine and chlorhexidine. It is used to clean skin and mucous infections


✅ Dermatology: It can help reduce acne, treating infected and superinfected dermatosis (folliculitis, eczema, pyodermatitis, impetigo) intertrigo and cutaneous mycosis.
✅ Gynecology: It can be used for infectious, mycosic or parasitic vaginitis and vulvitis.

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How to use

In all cases, and particularly when the solution is used pure, the washing must be followed by careful rinsing.

Usual dosage:
The solution is used as a liquid soap in pure or diluted soap (1 volume of foaming solution for 9 volumes of water).

Tips: Simple washing with soap and water makes it possible to eliminate the majority of germs ; it should be followed by a careful rinse because the soap can inactivate some antiseptics .

All antiseptics can be contaminated with germs: once opened, the bottle should not be stored for too long.


Active ingredients Hexamidine, Chlorhexidine, Chlorocresol
Excipients Alcanamidopropylbetaine, Dihydroxyethylalkanamide, Edetic acid, Lactic acid (E270), Purified water, Coniferol scent: Galbanum, Elémi, Pimenta racemosa, Isobornyle acetate, Decanal-2-methyl undecanal

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Synthia Perrin

I love ordering from them

Adaku Otuka
Love it

I have been using this product for 5yrs now. I am so impressed by this product that I can't imagine not using it. This should be a MUST HAVE for every woman.

Vanda Nova

The best stuff on the market.