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Daily Baby Konjac Chamomile

Daily Baby Konjac Chamomile

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The Daily Baby Konjac Sponge Chamomile is a gentle sponge for your baby to clean and cleanse the skin. Konjac is made from a traditional Japanese “jelly-like” food from a strain of potato called “Konnyaku Potato”. The sponge is highly absorbent and the chamomile is infused to calm and soothe babies.

• Soothing and calming
• 100% Konjac Root, Preservative free
• 100% safe for baby’s delicate skin
• Clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested
• Vegan, Never tested on animals

How to use

1. Wet the Daily Facial Micro Scrubber, then apply your favorite cleanser.
2. Use the rough-textured side on your face for gentle exfoliation.
3. Finish your regimen with the softer side for a thorough cleanse.
4. After cleansing is complete, rinse the Daily Facial Micro Scrubber and squeeze out excess water.

5. You can then place the scrubber in the reusable shower caddy packaging, which includes a suction cup to allow the shower caddy packaging to be hung on any smooth surface.

Pro Tip: Use the Daily Baby Konjac Sponge Chamomile for baby’s bathing routine around nap time.

Care: Rinse the sponge thoroughly after use of all excess soap and water. Replace when the writing on the label fades.

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