Email Diamant Double Blancheur Toothpaste

$ 25.00

Thanks to its double-action formula, Double Whiteness toothpaste offers an instantly brighter smile and increased hues in just a few weeks.


Immediate radiance from the first brushing thanks to its polishing and whitening microbeads. Gain color assured with its Lissium ™ Technology (Perlite Active system): your smile will be a sensation!
The double agent!

Instant glow
Thanks to Lissium ™, an exclusive Diamond Enamel technology consisting of polishing and whitening microbeads that cleanse and help remove stains. From the 1st brushing your teeth are perfectly clean and smooth. Your smile finds shine and shine.
Gain of hues
The formula contains fluoride and Perlite, a natural mineral used by dentists in teeth whitening techniques, to gain up to 3 whiteness shades *.

* Clinical test on 24 people. Results on 10 people. Average result: 2.7 shades

Daily care
With fluoride, which helps strengthen and protect teeth from acid attacks for a healthy mouth. Its aroma enriched with essential oil of mint brings you freshness.

White dough with blue micro-beads
Fresh mint aroma

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