Foucaud Paris Friction De Foucaud - Energizing Body Tonic

$ 40.00


From Foucaud Paris, a tonic specially created 60 yeas ago as as part of a daily bodycare regime, FRICTION DE FOUCAUD is a preservative free blend of essential oils and natural extracts.

Its unique composition of essential oils of thyme, rosemary, lavender, sweet orange, lemon from Italy and natural extracts of menthol and camphor delivers a refreshing tingling effect and a renewed sensation of energy and well-being. It is also ideal to use after sport.

After a shower or a bath, dry yourself well. Next pour a few drops of FRICTION DE FOUCAUD in the palm of your hand. Then apply and massage all around your wrist using quite firm pressure. Continue massaging and move up towards your elbow. Pour some more drops of the tonic into your hand and continue massaging up your arm until you reach your shoulder. By using your fingers in a circular motion, massage behind the shoulder and move up towards your neck and the base of the head. Repeat the same movements for the other arm.

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