GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Cream Milk & Honey

$ 32.00

125 ml / 4.4 oz

Milk has been a skin care ingredient used for centuries to cleanse, beautify & condition skin by some of the most beautiful women in history. Why not try yourself. Cleopatra was onto something when she used milk to bathe in. The proteins in the milk ensure silky soft skin. With the new GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet, the milk bath for the feet is now also available in a velvety preparation additionally enriched with other noble moisturizers, such as hyaluron and honey.

Thisw cream tackles classic problems such as callus and dry skin and simultaneously provides natural and special active substances as well as a fresh, modern scent for the desired feel-good aspect in skin care. It contains a recipe with deep acting hyaluron, milk and honey extracts as well as urea in combination with glycerin. The care substances supply dry foot skin with extra moisture and protect it against excess callus. The skin stays intact and fresh.

Hyaluron and Urea - intensive moisturizers Hyaluron performs a variety of functions. One of the most important ones is its ability to bind large amounts of water in relation to its mass, becoming well established as a highly effective moisturizer. Its hydrating attributes make it an ideal component of foot care creams for the care of dry skin. In combination with urea and glycerin, hyaluron binds moisture even in the deeper skin layers. Due to the intensive embedment of moisture, the callus layer becomes softer and silkier; its collagen stays elastic, normal-izing the callusing process and reducing excess callus.

The utilized milk extract contains milk proteins with an amino acid profile which is comparable to that of the natural skin moisturizing factors (NMF). Like urea, the extract is therefore able to bind water in the uppermost skin layers. The modern cosmetics has re-enlivened this care classic as a beauty elixir for the skin. The purified honey extract can play a role in cell to cell recognition. The proteins from honey, intensify the moisture binding and smoothing effects. Milk and honey extracts store moisture in the epidermis and together with hyaluron and urea it protects the skin against dehydration

Daily care made simply good GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Cream is easily absorbed and leaves behind the sensation of silky soft skin. The cream contains vitamin-rich avocado oil and other valuable lipids in a gentle care base and together with Vitamin E, they also support skin regeneration. By activating cell formation, they help to reject dead callus, providing the skin of the feet and legs with an especially smooth, elegant and vital appearance.

Dermatologically tested. Also suitable for diabetics.

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