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Soft Feet Lotion Water Lily & Silk

Soft Feet Lotion Water Lily & Silk

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Water Lily & silk for well-cared legs and feet.

GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Lotion refreshes and nourishes with select active substances. Water lily calms and tightens, silk extract smoothes the skin. A specially processed Hyaluron is able to penetrate into deeper skin layers to store moisture there.

Soothing for tired, heavy legs—supported by red algae extract, avocado oil and phytosqualene counteract dry, coarse, scaly skin, and reduces moisture loss. The lotion is easily spread and rapidly absorbed. For the experience of light, silky soft nourished legs, and feet.

How to use

Massage into skin twice a day.


Water lily, silk extract, hyaluron, algae extract, avocado Oil, phytosqualene

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