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Golden Eye

0.15% w/w Eye Ointment

0.15% w/w Eye Ointment

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GoldenEye 0.15% w/w Eye Ointment contains the active ingredient Dibrompropamidine isetionate to kill bacteria that cause eye and eyelid infections like conjunctivitis blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) and styes.

How to use

Wash your hands before and after use. Apply to the infected eye once or twice each day by pulling down the lower lid of your eye and without touching your eye with the tube, squeeze half an inch of the ointment inside the lower eye. Close your eye and wipe away any excess ointment with a clean tissue.


GoldenEye 0.15% Eye Ointment contains the active Ingredient, Dibrompropamidine Isetionate 0.15% w/w. It also contains, Liquid Paraffin & Dispersed Polyethylene in Mineral Oil (Plastibase 30w)

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