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Soft Ergonomic Toothbrush

Soft Ergonomic Toothbrush

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HAMICO’s Adult toothbrush is for everyone 8 years old and up, starting around the time your adult teeth start growing in. Avoid ever having to experience painful sensitivity, sore gums, and cavities when you introduce HAMICO’s adult toothbrush to your daily routine.

How to use

Have you ever brushed vigorously for a full 2 min, only to find out you still have a piece of food stuck between your teeth? HAMICO is the solution for you. The neck of our toothbrushes is slimmer than leading brands, allowing more control over pressure you exert to clean molars and hard-to-reach spots. And the compact head is made to comfortably fit all mouth sizes for deeper, more effective cleaning of teeth and gums.

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