Hampton Sun Privet Bloom Eau de Parfum

$ 75.00

Hampton Sun Privet Bloom Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz

Named after the beautiful privet privacy hedges synonymous with the Hamptons lifestyle, Hampton Sun's Privet Bloom Fragrance is a delicate scent that captivates the senses and captures the Hamptons’ pure, natural elegance.

Top Notes:

White Hyacinth: a lustrous, vibrant floral
Lily of the Valley: sweet scented flower
Jasmine: Clean, warm floral
Middle Notes:

Sea Spray: crisp, green sea and lively marine bursts
Dune Grass: a warm scent which captures the essence of the beach
Base Notes:

Orange Blossom: crisp, warm fruit
Privet Blossom: captivating white flower, sophisticated, modern
Blue Plum: lingering and penetrating warm fruit
This destination fragrance is reminiscent of a blooming privet blossom tousled into a stunning bouquet of delicate aromas. Privet Bloom encompasses the essence of nature’s beauty and transcends the seasons – making it the perfect fragrance all year round.

The scent is unlike any other floral aroma, touching upon crisp, green notes unexpected in an eau de parfum. Privet Bloom never overpowers the senses and as the day wears on, the rejuvenating scent is a pretty “pick-me-up.” Now take a moment an allow yourself to be transported to a quintessential summer day in the Hamptons… simple with Privet Bloom!

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