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Hanz De Fuko

Two Ton Styling Cream - Insane Hold

Two Ton Styling Cream - Insane Hold

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4 oz - Insane Hold | Matte Finish
Introducing our TWO TON Series of styling products! Made for those seeking to put stubborn, unruly hair into COMPLETE submission.

Our TWO TON Styling Cream was formulated to provide INSANELY high hold with a matte finish. You can also re-style your hair throughout the day without losing holding power!

Washes out easily (100% water based)
Perfect for clean, modern, textured hairstyles

How to use

Start by rubbing a nickel-sized amount between the palms and fingers and apply to dry hair. Pinch and twist hair strands for individualization and texture, or push and mold for absolute control and matte finish.


• SAGE LEAF EXTRACT Stimulates healthy hair growth.

• JOJOBA SEED OIL Promotes thicker hair.

• ALOE VERA EXTRACT Conditions the hair and protects against dandruff.

• ALGAE EXTRACT Prevents hair loss and regrows hair by unblocking hair follicles clogged from flakes or scalp fungus.

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