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Hilde Soliani

Il Tuo Tulipano Giallo Perfume

Il Tuo Tulipano Giallo Perfume

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100 ML
Hilde's new fragrance called Il Tuo Tulipano Giallo (Your Yellow Tulip)carries the name of one of the most beautiful perfumes of the Ti Amo collection - Il Tuo Tulipano, with a mark Giallo (Yellow), since this edition differs completely from previous perfumes.

This is a typical Italian fragrance. Hilde decided to create a contemporary eau de cologne that would be a more intense and stronger version of the original perfume Acqua di Parma, created by 'traditional recipe' of the highest quality ingredients.

Her idea and aim of this edition were to offer a modern version of cologne as eau de parfum, while using highly concentrated essential oils of the best quality.



Notes of Calabrian bergamot joined by rosemary and aromatic basil shades.

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