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The Original Coffee Alternative

The Original Coffee Alternative

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113 g / 4 oz

Joey isn’t coffee. It’s your healthier pick-me-up.

We took everything you like about your old cup of joe, tossed out the bad stuff (like too much caffeine, jitters, & crashes), and added tons of long-term benefits (like superfoods, adaptogens, & mushrooms to naturally boost your energy, focus, & mental performance). Now, you won’t need as much caffeine in the first place.

Consider this the next generation of your morning routine.

• 18 fresh cups of joey
• Recipe card
• Recyclable & reusable copper-tone bag
• $0.80 - $1.39 per serving

The flavor
It's delicious, but don’t expect a coffee or a tea. joey is its own drink. Not too sweet & not too bitter - it’s bold, rich, & roasted to perfection. Notes of cacao, roasted chicory, & a hint of spice blend together for a smooth finish & none of the acidity.

Some call it a medium roast, some call it a mocha. Others call it a Mexican hot chocolate. All we know is that it's tasty!


Single-Origin Cacao, Gluten-Free Barley, Chicory & Dandelion Root, Ashwagandha, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, L-Theanine, Cinnamon.

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