Kevyn Aucoin Emphasize Eye Design Palette

$ 46.00 $ 49.00

Emphasize Eye Design Palette from Kevyn Aucoin is a versatile eyeshadow palette that includes matte and satin shadows and an innovative Cream Foil Eyeshadow to line or use alone for a high-impact look. 


About Cream Foil Eyeshadow:

The multipurpose formulas can be used as an eye-catching shadow or to create a dramatic eyeliner look. The Cream Foil Eyeshadow has an innovative “lemon drop” felt tip for dual-purpose precision lining and eyeshadow application. Layer the powder and cream shadows to create customized eye catching hues, or wear it alone for a high impact reflective shine. The conveniently sized palette, provides true artistry at your fingertips!

Emphasize Eye Design Palette - As Seen In  Eye Shadow Shades:

Ballet (matte)

Blush (satin)

Rose (chrome)

Amethyst (matte)

Sangria (matte)

Cream Foil Eyeshadow: Rose Gold

Emphasize Eye Design Palette - Focused Eye Shadow Shades:

Natural (matte)

Champagne (satin)

Penny (chrome)

Spice (matte)

Cocoa (matte)

Cream Foil Eyeshadow: Copper

Emphasize Eye Design Palette - Unblinking Eye Shadow Shades:

Lace (matte)

Nude (satin)

Gilded (chrome)

Olive (matte)

Espresso (matte)

Cream Foil Eyeshadow: 24K Gold

Emphasize Eye Design Palette - Magnify Eye Shadow Shades:

Eye Shadow Shades:

Frost (satin)

Wisteria (matte)

Kaleidoscope (chrome)

Smoke (satin)

Onyx (matte)

Cream Foil Eyeshadow: Platinum 

Use the powder shadows wet or dry.
Layer The Cream Foil Eyeshadow with the powder shadows to add metallic reflective shine.

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