Kevyn Aucoin Eye Definer

$ 32.00


An automatic, self-sharpening, easy glide-on eyeliner that provides precise application for perfectly defined eyes. The long-wearing eyeliner glides on a sharp, smooth line with every application.

Paraben free. Sulfate free. Phthalate free.

Pro Tips:

1. For close to the lash line precision, draw a generous amount of desired The Precision Eye Definer color on the back of your hand, (using your hand as a palette), dip The Shadow Liner Brush into the color, to apply to upper and lower lash lines.

2. While using The Precision Eye Definer, if you feel you need a more defined point, simply twist the cap back onto your pencil, then twist off again. Every time the cap is twisted back on, a small amount of lead is propelled up, and re-shaped to a perfect point.


1. Use The Precision Eye Definer with The Shadow Liner Brush.

2. Use The Precision Eye Definer with The Precision Liquid Liner.

3. Use The Precision Eye Definer with The Eye Pencil Primatif.

Net Weight: 0.25 g/POIDS NET WT. 0.01 OZ.

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