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Kevyn Aucoin

Eyelash Curler

Eyelash Curler

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Create perfectly curled lashes with this slim, stainless steel professional quality eyelash curler. This easy-to-use, award-winning eyelash curler is designed to catch each individual eyelash—without pinching—for the perfect eye-opening look. The wide opening of the curler is designed to accommodate all eye shapes. It’s the PRO artist secret before mascara application, resulting in lashes that are bigger, bolder, and curled to perfection. This eyelash curler features a red silicone cushion pad that contrasts with eyelashes and the lash line for precision and ease of use.

This eyelash curler comes with an extra easy-to-clean replacement silicone cushion pad. Designed to show lash hairs of all colors while curling.

How to use

1. Before applying mascara, open and press down onto lashes.
2. Hold and release.
3. Once mascara is dry, use again for glamorous lashes.

Pro Tips:
1. Start with curler at the base of lashes then give gentle pumps as you work the curler through to the middle of the lashes.
2. For maximum curl, use The Eyelash Curler before and after mascara (the red silicone cushion allows you to do this gently and fearlessly).
3. Turn the eyelash curler upside down and curl your bottom lashes for a Hollywood starlet look.

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