Ligne St. Barth Tonic Lotion with Melon Extract

$ 25.00

This alcohol-free tonic lotion is specially formulated for all skin types. It cleanses and helps to complete the action of the cleansing milk. It tones, moisturizes and delivers overall freshness to the skin.

This ultra-soft formula contains a soothing blend of melon extract, aloe vera, allantoin, glycerin and hydrolysed soy protein that leave the skin clean and radiant.


Purified Caribbean Sea Water, Melon (Cucumis Melo) Extract, Glycerin, Hydrolized soy protein, Camelia Oleifera Extract (and) Phenoxyethanol, Allantoin, Polysorbate 80, Aloe Vera (Barbadensis Miller) Extract, Fragrance (Perfume), CI-16255

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