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Living Proof

Curl Conditioner

Curl Conditioner

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A hydrating conditioner that's formulated to moisturize + detangle all curl types to visibly define curls straight out of the shower.

Key benefits
Makes curls 3x stronger*
Starts defining curls right out of the shower
Start transforming your curls to look visibly healthier after one wash
Easy detangling to help prevent breakage of delicate curls
Improves the definition of your curls
Encourages the formation of curl groupings

Secondary benefits:
Feels like a treatment after rinsing
No heavy residue


How to use

Apply Curl Conditioner and spread throughout wet hair. Work product from root to tip and detangle your hair. For stronger hair textures, work through hair in sections using a comb or brush to begin forming curl groupings. Rinse as desired.

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