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Mai Couture

2-1 Blotting/Bronzing Sheets

2-1 Blotting/Bronzing Sheets

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50 sheets

Blot. Bronze. Go.

Portable blotting sheets infused with bronzing powder on one side.

This travel-friendly, 2-in-1 bronzing-blotting paper duo delivers build-able, sun-kissed color while removing shine in an instant! Ideal for oily skin.

For the ultimate beauty hack, try rubbing blotting paper on scalp as a quick dry shampoo substitute.

How to use

Blush Kit with Sponge Applicator:
Gently remove protective paper from applicator sponge to reveal sticky adhesive.
Press sponge applicator with adhesive side down to pick up sheet.
Dab along cheek line to transfer color.
When adhesive loose stickiness, peal layer to reveal additional adhesive sheets

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