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Mason Pearson

Popular Hair Brush (BN1)

Popular Hair Brush (BN1)

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Crafted using Mason Pearson's established techniques and finished by hand, this luxurious hair brush has been made to ensure the best possible results for daily brushing. The brush's unique rubber cushion pad has been designed to be kind on the hair and scalp, gently massaging the scalp. By allowing air to flow through a special hole it helps the brush to massage the scalp and brush more effectively. The plastic handle of the brush is hand-finished to remove any sharp edges and ensure it feels comfortable in the hand. This brush features a combination of boar bristle and nylon tufts which are suitable for normal to thick or long hair. Please note: This brush comes with its own cleaning brush to care for the bristles and the pad.

Size: Overall length 229 mm : 9 inches

Head length 130 mm : 5 1/8 inches Width 77 mm : 3 inches

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