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Men Black & White Invisible Original Anti-Perspirant

Men Black & White Invisible Original Anti-Perspirant

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NIVEA MEN Black & White Invisible Original Anti-Perspirant offers powerful anti-perspirant protection without the risks of white marks on black clothing and yellow stains on white clothing. The unique formula protects you for 48 hours against perspiration while gently caring for your skin in the process. Say Goodbye to white and yellow stains on your clothes and get the reliable protection and care that you deserve! The skin tolerance of this anti-perspirant has been dermatologically proven. The roll-on anti-perspirant is great for men on the go.

White mark protection on black clothing
Anti-yellow staining on white clothing
Reliable 48h anti-perspirant protection that cares for your skin
No Ethylalcohol

How to use

Allow product to dry completely before getting dressed
Apply product directly to your underarms
Do not use anti-perspirant on irritated skin
Best, use the anti-perspirant after taking a shower

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