Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse® OR 
Multi-Usage Shimmering Dry Oil For Face, Body and Hair

$ 45.00

The sensual shimmering dry oil version of Huile Prodigieuse® contains tiny shimmering mineral particles.
It nourishes, softens and illuminates skin and hair in one go. It has a unique, non-greasy feel and
a captivating fragrance.
This golden shimmer dry oil version has become a cult beauty product as fast as the original Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse® version! NUXE Paris stays #1* oil in pharmacies in France.  
*Source : IMS Health - Dataview MPANN - body moisturizing oils market for women in pharmacies and drugstores in France – from 2010 to the end of November 2014 – year-to-date, in value.
Having natural-looking sun-kissed skin all year round is no secret to Parisian women.
Huile Prodigieuse Or offers all the nourishing, softening  and illuminating benefits and the heavenly scent of our cult dry oil for face, body and hair –  with the added bonus of golden pearly particles that illuminate the skin with a satiny glow.
Give your skin that golden look by spraying the shimmering dry oil Huile Prodigieuse Or onto desired zones – bust, arms, stomach, thighs – and massaging into the skin. Its satin sheen blurs imperfections, leaving skin soft and smooth, while sensual golden particles glisten with every movement.

Contains at least 95% natural ingredients. No Preservatives.

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