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Rene Furterer Paris

Lumicia Illuminating Shine Shampoo

Lumicia Illuminating Shine Shampoo

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LUMICIA Illuminating shine shampoo frees the hair from the impurities that suffocate daily it and make it dull (hard water, pollution and styling products).
Fioravanti alcoholate, an ancestral plant preparation, and Acerola vinegar, rich in vitamin C, are concentrated in a light and crystalline texture to smooth the hair cuticle and neutralize hard water in order to perfectly diffuse light along the length of the hair shaft. Radiant with a captivating shine, hair is smooth, light and silky.


A small cherry originating in Chile, Acerola is particularly rich in vitamin C and fruit acids. The vinegar obtained from its concentrated juice contains surprising properties: its acid pH enables it to smooth the hair cuticle and neutralize limescale along the hair fiber for maximum shine.

Developed by a 16th century Italian doctor named Leonardo Fioravanti, this alcohol is an ancient and unique plant-based recipe obtained by macerating 11 plants. It provides glossy shine by tightening the hair cuticle and preventing the build-up of particles along the hair fiber.

Vitamin B5 is the hydration vitamin. It has an excellent ability to moisturize Keratin. It penetrates deep into the hair cortex to repair and nourish.

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