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Révérence de Bastien

Le Baume Sensitive Feet Balm

Le Baume Sensitive Feet Balm

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The sensitive feet balm is a creamy and original plant based formula favouring four main actions against drying up of the skin, heavy legs effect, nail degeneration and classic feet pain.

How to use

Daily apply thick layers and massage from toe up to leg. Insist on driest areas (back of the heel) and on cuticles.
A daily use allows a true sensation of comfort and suppleness. Foot become softer and legs lighter.
Bastien’s advice
Feet are the foundation of our balance. Take time to massage them a few minutes a day in order to plump the fatty cushions


• A powerful cocktail of essential oils regenerates the cells, ideally covering the skin with a film, allowing it thus to capture the water.
• A mint derivative creates a «cooling effect».
• Zinc, acts together with Marigold against the impoverishment of the nail structure.
• The sage extract acts against perspiration. The watercress extract offers a calming and soothing effect.

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