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Révérence de Bastien

Nail Brightness Pearly Buffing Cream

Nail Brightness Pearly Buffing Cream

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The Nail brightness cream Révérence de Bastien has been created for all those women who think that the beauty of the nails doesn’t end in nail polish. Because nail polish and nail polish remover are aggressive, and then because naturally shiny nails are utterly sophisticated.

The sparkle of the pearl
This buffing cream contains cultured pearls powder. The mother of pearl of the pearls is a mixture of calcium carbonate crystals (or aragonite, source of several trace elements and sea proteins), and “conchioline” an organic substance close to Keratin. When finely ground, mother of pearl allows a light exfoliation of the nail surface, which gets a subtle sparkle as a result. The rubbing of the cream all over the nails stimulates the vascularization of its structure and enhances its natural shine. Once buffed, nails will look shiny for several days

How to use

Take off any remaining nail polish. Apply a small amount of the buffing cream on the surface of each nail and take the extra-amount off. Rub vigorously with a chamois leather cloth fixed at the head of a buffer until no buffing paste is left.
Soothe cuticles and apply the unguent for the cuticles as a final touch.


Révérence de Bastien has changed the formulation of this product by removing the quantity of water so that the product can now last much longer than before. Since the product's new formulation, the consistency is now much stronger and less of a "cream". With this new formulation, it is recommended that the product be applied with a drop or two of water for best results. This is because the new formulation is now more dry and combined with water, the product will return to a creamy consistency.

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