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Gel Toothpaste

Gel Toothpaste

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Perfect oral hygiene has the flavor of the herbs.

The perfect toothpaste for cleaning the oral cavity, with an innovative formula: sodium fluoride meets 12 herbs to give you a feeling of freshness. Perfect for ensuring the health of teeth and gums help prevent plaque formation, ensuring each day a fresh breath.

12 herbs.

The toning and refreshing the best medicinal herbs is the protagonist of this exclusive formulation. Among these, the softening action of Mallow, camomile and protective refreshing and deodorant, Sage for hygiene and freshness at 360°. Can not miss the fluorine, which promotes the remineralization.

Gel formulation.

The special gel formulation offers low abrasiveness and is therefore suitable for all types of mouth because it does not damage the tooth enamel. Perfect for everyday use, with your smile.

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