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The shower filter - Chrome

The shower filter - Chrome

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- Helps purify shower water to be gentler on your hair, skin, and nails

- Filtered with a high concentration of 86% KDF-55 (recognized for its water-cleansing properties, AKA clean water's BFF ) that works with Calcium Sulfite to help reduce chlorine & impurities

- Doesn't compromise your shower's existing water pressure** , so you can still enjoy your washtime ritual

- Designed to attach to most standard US ½” (1.27cm) shower pipe threads for use with fixed, rain, and handheld shower heads. * *For non US customers this may require an adapter.

Unit: 2.5" x 3.75" x 3.75"
Cartridge: 1.73" x 2.58"

1 PC

How to use

STEP 1. Twist off your shower head to remove it from the shower pipe.

STEP 2. Wrap the included plumber's tape around your shower pipe threads, then install the Shower Filter by twisting it onto the shower pipe. Use the wrench we've provided for extra elbow grease!

STEP 3. Re-attach your shower head by securely twisting it onto the end of the Shower Filter.

STEP 4. Once re-attached, run the water for at least a minute to activate your new filter & flush out any air bubbles for a seamless flow.

Pro tip: To maintain your elevated shower experience, change the filter cartridge every 3 months.*

*Capacity may vary with local water conditions

Our Shower Filter is designed to attach to most standard ½” shower pipe threads for use with fixed, rain, and handheld shower heads.


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