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Pore Prep Tool

Pore Prep Tool

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Combat sweat, air pollution and makeup congestion with the Pore Prep Tool. Clearing your pores allows oxygen to freely pass through and prevents bacteria build-up. The Pore Prep Tool safely removes dirt and debris, allowing for better absorption of products into the skin.​ Refresh and glow in an instant.

Key Benefits

Use the Pore Prep Tool to unclog pores gently without harsh chemicals that can strip skin of natural oils
Larger end for use on chin and forehead
Smaller end for use on and around nose
Recommended weekly for a deep pore cleaning, allowing skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin

How to use

Wipe clean with isopropyl alcohol; dry immediately after cleaning with towel. You can sanitize the Pore Prep Tool in an autoclave or barbicide.

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