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Lifting Facial Roller

Lifting Facial Roller

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• Beaded rollers provide a deep tissue massage to sore facial muscles, helping to relieve tension and stress
• Rollers aid in lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and helping to firm & tighten the skin
• Facial massage improves circulation, draining toxins & reducing inflammation for an overall glow
• Regular facial massage may help to lift and sculpt the jawline and neck area
• Unique stainless steel ice roller end cools and soothes puffy skin & under-eye area, calming inflammation & redness
• Coolness of ice roller helps alleviate tension headaches when rolled on the temples and forehead
• Hygienic stainless steel construction is easy to clean & non-porous, helping to prevent bacteria build-up

How to use

Grip the roller by the handle and gently center your chin in between the two beaded sections. Press up and down so that the prongs roll up and down along your jawline or neck as desired.

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